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The Living and Working Community Franziskus Association (Lebens- und Arbeitsgemeinschaft Franziskus e. V.) is an anthroposophic institution for 24 mentally ill adults who lead a protected but practically normal and meaningful life in a family-like community.

The Fanziskus Association, Hamburg, was formed out of the Childrens and Youth Home Friedrichshulde in Schenefeld/Hamburg in January 1992 and is a member of the German Charitable Society for Equal Opportunities (DPWV).

The city of Hamburg is located in the north of Germany on the river Elbe near the North Sea. The City covers an area of 746 square kilometres. Its full name is the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. Hamburg is the second busiest seaport in Europe and a major commercial, industrial, and cultural centre with a university, institutes of medicine, and a school of marine architecture.

Franziskus e. V. follows the anthroposophic remedial education principles of Rudolf Steiner. Although the anthroposophic teaching is Christian in principle, it is not bound to a particular denomination, and takes an overarching view of body, soul and spirit. An important principle is to accept everyone for what they are. While a firm rhythm/routine in our community's life conveys the people in our care the necessary sense of security, we encourage everybody in their development within the bounds of their own abilities.

The communal day begins with a so-called morning circle. The residents' working-day ends with an evening circle. The daily life and its routines with repeated exercises and/or activities such as singing, playing instruments or carrying out small services in the community, form an essential part of life, and we expect volunteers living and working with us to be receptive to these (and other) anthroposophic principles. - We say grace before lunch and supper, and although we do not expect the volunteers to take an active part in these rituals, they should be present throughout them, and adopt at least a neutral attitude towards them.

Franziskus e. V. has been accepting volunteers under the European Voluntary Service since 1998. Employing volunteers offers advantages for all parties involved: While the community benefits from the fresh impulses released by the volunteers who bring with them their individual abilities according to education and personal circumstances, the young people find meaningful employment and/or the opportunity to socially orientate themselves.

In order to give them scope for personal development and the opportunity to practise their social skills, we mainly deploy the volunteers in the disabled peoples' spare time, thus endeavouring to support the volunteers in developing and bringing forward their own ideas concerning the organisation thereof. Thus, they make up creative programmes, motivating those in their care to develop their own activities, and take part in the planning and organising of group activities, especially for the weekends.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Christopher von Bar, phone +49 40 870 870-0 or as per e-mail bewerbung@franziskus.net

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